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Arvada Co – October 2011

The Roaring Engine of Hope

I was looking at the website for them when I heard the engines down the street.  I felt lively, and a bit nervous thinking that maybe it was a joke and these people were the bad guys, but the other half of my mind was saying give them a chance.

After being forced to move and my parents going to court for the past three months I lived at my new house I didn’t talk much.  My friends were pulling away from me, my family confused over what they should do.  Some times when they think I be asleep I would actually be listening to them fighting over what to do.  I cut myself, tried to commit suicide, and even strangled my best friend. The stress was over whelming and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I started to go to counseling but it wasn’t helping at all.  I pretended that I was getting better when really inside I was slowly tearing apart.

Then after I gathered up my thoughts I heard their engines coming closer.  I pretended that I was watching a movie that way they think I was occupying myself with something.  My parents had me walk outside to meet them.  When I first saw these huge people I was a bit scared but when I saw the back of their jackets a started to feel more comfort.

The back said B.A.C.A. Bikers Against Child Abuse.

They had patches all over their clothes and I was curious I loved all the shiny chains a spiky boots they were wearing. The first B.A.C.A I met was Dice.  He is vice president of Colorado’s B.A.C.A.  He was very kind and tried not to scare me.

As them being big bikers that looked like they were off a bad guy show it was a bit hard not to scare kids they first met. As I met the others I started to get more and more used to them.

We walked inside my house and they asked if I wanted to become part of their family after meeting them. I took a long pause, and finally I smiled the best I could with all my joy gathering again and I said yes.

After about a half an hour they showed me a video of what B.A.C.A. does to keep children safe.  Their mottos are No Child Deserves to Live in Fear, and B.A.C.A. is a barb wire between Hell and Faith.  I think well that’s what i know.

I sat there on the couch next to Rockie and my mom.  After the video my mom started to cry. I was getting tears in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away.  I chose a patch that says “I’m in the family”.  It has fire surrounding it and is now on my biker vest.

My nickname is Skittles.  B.A.C.A. doesn’t like using our real names because of identity and it also makes me and others as well feel special.

It has been about 3 months and I’m back in shape.  I go to a new school.  I have made wonder full friends.  I don’t speak to anybody else from my old school because I’ve lost contact.  The counseling is now helping and I don’t pretend any more if I’m feeling bad or not.  My smiles are real a fuller than ever.

I may have to go court in November but with my friends, family, counselors, and of course B.A.C.A. by my side I have nothing to fear.

Sometimes I get scared and worry what is going to happen next.  But whenever it does happen I have the special photo of MY family and the people who care as much as my blood line relatives do.

B.A.C.A. thank you for giving me strength and hope through this over whelming journey.

I’ll love you forever.



Arvada Co – June 2011

In June of 2009 my three grandchildren, ages 2, 6 and 8, were awarded to my custody after enduring 8 years of upheaval, domestic abuse and daily violence.  The boys, Python and Gator, were hyper-vigilant, aggressive and terrified by the threats of what would happen to all of us if they lived with me.  My youngest grandson felt the need to either hide constantly or steal knives to protect himself.  School was a nightmare because of the variety of behaviors that were being taken in order for the boys to even feel a small degree of safety.  No one was sleeping at night.  I even went to the extreme of having a home alarm system installed.  We were going to numerous therapies and groups and yet still I was not able to make the children even begin to feel safe. We were all at our wit’s end as to what else we could do to make the children safe.

A supervisor at Adams County Children and Family Services had attended a training where they had heard about B.A.C.A. and thought the boys would benefit greatly from their involvement.  At first I was concerned because the boys were so terrified of men.  However, after the first meeting all of my concerns disappeared and from that day forward my boys began to heal and become boys again.  The members of B.A.C.A. have been a Godsend to our home.  I do not feel that we would have made the progress that we have without them.  They have been so gentle and kind, strong and considerate.

They have empowered the boys and made them strong!

Between the numerous therapies and the positive role modeling of the B.A.C.A. members I am once again hopeful that my grandbabies will grow up and not repeat the horrible pattern of domestic abuse.  B.A.C.A. has been there when the children are going thru hard times and have been a constant in our lives for the past several months.  I know that when the boys are scared or feel threatened a strong united family is a phone call away.  Without B.A.C.A. in our lives we would still be struggling and my boys would not be starting to have a somewhat normal reminder of their childhood.

Python & Gators Grandmother – Arvada Co


Denver Co – June 2011


I would like to thank you and the BACA organization for helping support River through one of the most difficult times that no child should have to experience, ever.

In 2008, when River disclosed to me that her father was abusing her, I began my quest to repair her mental health and ensure her physical safety.  As River has moved through her healing, over the last three years, I have had to find ways convince her that she is truly safe and that no one can hurt her again.  When I contacted BACA, I only had a very general idea of how your organization works to make children like River feel protected and safe.

After BACA’s first visit to our home, I realized how empowering this was going to be for River.  She was really charged up and tossing her fists in the air, showing her “muscles”.  She really felt like these tough people were all hers!  River was very encouraged by the BACA statement that she was now part of their family.

Over the next several visits from BACA, River became even more empowered and confident.  River was even able to ride on the back of one of the motorcycles.  She looked forward to the visits and would ask unending questions of how Rip earned each patch and pin on his vest and riding jacket.  These bonding moments will be forever etched in my mind as I watched River begin to re-establish her trust in men.

You, Rip and the rest of the BACA group have played an invaluable role in River’s healing.  I would also like you to pass along the following information to all those who have helped us.

In 2011 the Arapahoe County Juvenile Court ruled in River’s favor.  River’s doctors and therapists all testified, as well as myself, to what River has been through.  Additionally, in the Judge’s closing statement he said “It would be cruel and extremely inappropriate for River to have contact with or ever be reunited with her father.”  I will never forget those words.

River is now six and half years old and can begin the rest of her childhood without fear of further abuse or hurt.  It is my hope that her PTSD symptoms can subside over time and medications for this be reduced or possibly concluded.

When River hears loud motorcycles she eagerly shouts “It’s the bikers”.  To River the people of BACA are not only her protectors but they make her feel strong. Inner strength is critical for a child to move ahead out of the abuse. There is no other organization that can do this in the way that BACA does and for this River and I are eternally grateful to all of you!


River’s Mom – Denver Colorado

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