Stremel runs for B.A.C.A. in the Rock-n-Roll Marathon

On October 9, 2011 the Rock and Roll Marathon rolled into town and David B Productions’ team was one of many to participate in this event.

All proceeds raised by Stremel’s team will go to the Rocky Mountain (Denver) Chapter of BACA.

David Stremel is the founder and president of local David B Productions. Stremel has been instrumental in reviving the 80’s scene and bringing back bands to play at old favorites such as Bangles, now Sangria’s, located in Glendale, CO. He has brought us the likes of XYZ, Lynch Mob, and Steel Heart. “We are cooking up a smokin’ fall lineup for you! Also, look for announcements about our new affiliations and charities,” said Stremel.

This is the second year the Rock N Roll Marathon Series was held in Denver.  This nation-wide event is held in numerous cities through the United States.  As a local musician and concert promoter, Stremel is proud to be a part of this event.  “It’s time to start paying it forward,” said Stremel. “We are starting by running the Rock and Roll Marathon and giving the money we raise to the Bikers Against Child Abuse.”

Stremel has been training for this marathon for more than two months he said, “I will be happy when I know I have crossed the finish line and know that I not only accomplished a big goal, but I have also given back to the community at the same time.”

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